Freakin Thyroid..

Yep I said it! And I know I’m not alone! I’ve been to countless Dr’s and Natural-paths and although I found small bits and pieces of hope along the way, nothing helped.

I was told I had HYPERthryoid and Graves disease (even though I went in because I was gaining weight left and right and had ZERO energy..hmm google told me different but I trusted the Dr not google! I was put on a prescription and was hopeful this was it! This was the magic answer I had been searching for!

Well…. that was a big no. No relief in fatigue, weight gain, constant shaking, swollen throat, quality of life.. Completely bummed and discouraged to say the least.

One of my salon clients recommended I try a Dr she was seeing in another town. I was desperate and made an appointment right away. This Dr. informed me that because of the medication the 1st Dr. had prescribed I had developed a Goiter. Ummm what the heck is that? So turns out I was now blessed with all the symptoms from before, plus a Goiter and Hashimotos Disease!! Fun stuff!! With this new Dr came new meds, routine ultrasounds on my Goiter (check for growth and cancer), extremely strict nutrition change (hello Paleo!). But overall still no improvement. So I naturally did not the smartest thing… I quit. Yep you read that right! I quit taking all my meds cold turkey, quit going to my multiple monthly blood draws and appointments out of town. I ordered myself a weighted blanket and quit!

And I’m so glad I did! I have more energy, sleeping better, loosing weight!! And that lovely goiter- I can barely feel it! Literally no idea how I lucked out but I did. I have enough energy to get back to daily workouts, I am just finishing up a 6 week program, here is more info-

Intermediate Fasting (IF) is a proven trend in weight loss and FWTFL uses this method. Since I do have random thyroid condition I usually modify, which is totally ok with this program! I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get all my workouts in while I was in Nashville for work last week, and I might of indulged in some beverages while touring the Honky Tonks, haha! Oh well, thats the perk, you can always jump back in! Track your macros ( I use the My Fitness Pal app), drink lots of water, lift heavy!

I hope some of these experiences and tips helped you out, but I wanted to share this crazy before and after, 10 months apart and over 17lbs gone since April 2018..

10 months, 17 lbs