Nobody does Holiday Gift Sets quite like Monat

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…. And I LOVE it!!!

Monat dropped an epic haul of Monat goodies for their holiday collection today- 8 amazing sets plus some added perks, let me break it down for you!

First off, if you are reading this blog the weekend of Oct 16 and not quite a VIP customer yet, you can become one this weekend and save some money while doing so. Thats right, they are waiving the $20 enrollment fee for the weekend!!! Plus, all orders over $50 ship for free! Ready to see them? You got it!

#1 Bring The Style

This set features 5 amazing travel size hair care items plus amazing accessories! You get 2 pearl headbands, 2 pearl barrettes, glam queen rhinestone hair clips, travel size renew shampoo, travel size replenish masque, travel size unknot detangler, travel size hairspray and travel size curl cream. wow

40% off retail value-

Retail $84 VIP $71 Market Partner $59

#2 Eye Wish

Lush + lovely lashes and brows thanks to our lash and brow serum! You get 2 lash serums, gorgeous lash curler, brow brush + scissors plus a LED compact mirror and adorable bag

50% off retail value-

Retail $87 VIP $74 Market Partner $61

#3 Winter Wonderhands

A travel ready trio of refreshing luxurious hand creams plus a limited edition Monat canvas bag

30% off retail value-

Retail $39 VIP $33 Market Partner $27

#4 Holiday Heat

Turn up the heat (but not too much) with our exclusive ceramic and ionic flat iron!! I ordered this!! It also comes with a few of my favs in travel size- unknot, frizz fix and hairspray!!

30% off retail value-

Retail $102 VIP $87 Market Partner $71

#5 All Tressed UP—–SOLD OUT IN LESS THEN 12 HRS…. This one was a good one!!

#6 All is Calm

Elevate your unwind this holiday season with the unique blend of CBD and hemp seed oils in both these amazing exclusive products- Skin Kushion Soothing Scalp + Hair Serum And Skin Kushion Destressing Clay Mask

50% off retail value-

Retail $105 VIP $89 Market Partner $74

#7 Sleigh Ride

5 different travel size favs- smoothing shampoo + smoothing conditioner, frizz fix and hairspray. Adorable barrettes and amazing sleep rollers (as seen on shark tank!) This set is a must have!!

40% off retail value-

Retail $84 VIP $71 Market Partner $59

#8 He’s So Smooth

This might be the one I’m most excited about and it isn’t even for me!! My boys have been jealous of my skin care and now they get theirs for the holidays!! Dopp kit toiletry bag, Monat For Men Essential- Face Wash, Face Scrub and Face Moisturizer!!

40% off retail value-

Retail$102 VIP $87 Market Partner $71

Well what do you think??? Amazing right?! These are limited edition and won’t last long- one sold out as I was writing this!! hop on over to my site to grab your favorites but message me with any questions!

That Healthy Lifestyle

Well hello there! It’s been awhile- sorry!!

My amazing company is full of anti aging goodies- haircare, skincare and now WELLNESS… I’m obsessed to say the least!! I have always “tried” to add in healthy things to my diets, but lets be real, it’s all about balance for me! I have a total sweet tooth!!

This summer I switched up my workouts to a new company and absolutely love it! ( use my discount code LISA10 if you are interested!) There is also a nutrition plan with these programs, but again balance- lol! When Monat launched Wellness I decided to buckle down on those macros too! I’ll be sharing recipes and healthy tips on this page if you want to check it out We are going to be running a 30 day challenge for accountability with steps, water and supplements starting Oct 25 too!

Curious about these bomb products??? I can’t wait to tell you all about them!!!! Lets start with the one that I am most excited to see what it can do for me…

Balance– This product blows my mind!! Its a unique Pre + Probiotic complex in one that addresses gut health and overall well being…. AHHHMAZING!! The little capsule is so pretty and has a unique delayed release, capsule-in-capsule technology- look! Another amazing perk is this product is vegan and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It is stuffed with Ginger, Turmeric and Licorice Root Powder to boost good bacteria in the gut and support a healthy skin and immune system. It also has a synergistic pre and pro supplement that provides 5 billion units of 13 clinically studied strains of beneficial bacteria and prebiotic fiber…. WOW.

Energy– I love my coffee and will never replace it, but that 3pm slug feeling always hits and this little packet gives me just the right amount of boost without the crash or jitters. It’s made of an Adaptogenic blend that helps the body adapt to stressors (can you say just what we need for 2020?!) It increases energy + promotes mood, mental alertness + focus. Super yummy berry flavor that is sugar free too!! Made from green coffee beans with 50mg of caffeine. Full of Vitamin B12 and ashwagandha and supports proper red blood cell formulation + neurological function. I love how these come in pre packaged little sticks too! great to travel with.

Total Greens– Who here has been scared of greens?? ME!!! Seriously the thought of them used to make me want to gag!! I don’t get enough veggies in my diet for sure, and these have a berry flavor so I decided to give it a go! Honest opinion? They are way better then any other greens I’ve tried, I prefer to mix them into my protein shake, but you can mix with water alone or water and another one of our products too.

One scoop has a proprietary blend of 37 fruit and veggies….. wow. Majority of us don’t want to spend the money or cook that many veggies in a day! I’ll take a scoop!!

These contain an oat fiber which is gluten free, it doesn’t provide calories or significant nutrients but its great for absorbing water. Goji is an antioxidant powerhouse for eye health, healthy skin, improves mood and boosts the immune system too! Papaya supplies fiber vitamins and minerals for the bones and skin and aids in digestion. Also contains matcha green tea! So many great things in just one scoop!!

Collagen Key– I can’t forget to talk about this!! This isn’t a collagen, but its a vegan amino acid blend that maintains existing collagen levels and replaces lost collagen stores- kinda like biohacking your own collagen! Collagen helps with healthy hair, skin, nails, skin moisture, elasticity, smoothness and joints!

This blend is vegan, sugar free, full of antioxidants with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol + biotin in a peach berry flavor! The Collagen Key works like glue to hold muscles and tendons together, amazing what a little scoop can do! It’s great alone with water or mixed into a fruit smoothie!

There you have it!! These are my new BFF’s for sure!! All I need now is body wash from Monat and its my one stop shop!! if you are curious in these products dm me or check out my website too

I have made a couple IG Reels with how i’m mixing these up, check out the gram! One question I keep getting is about my cute little mixer!! I’ll drop my amazon link for it and you can get it in tons of different colors too! I have the teal one!

Another great option if you are on the go mixing these with water is a simple blender bottle! I’m totally guilty of mixing into a bottle of water and shaking it, trust me get a blender bottle instead! How cute are these ones?!?

And my favorite for mixin up a good protein shake is always the blender! here is my fav and its on sale!

I’m going to be more consistent here- promise!! Until next time-

How The Larson Fam does Disneyland!

Well Hello! Been a hot min sorry!! Chaos of recovering from surgery, holidays, Cooper’s birthday and Kyler’s basketball season kicking off have had me a bit distracted! I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holiday season, I think I was in my own bed only half the month of December…. It was a busy and fun month!!

But lets talk all things Disney!! My husband and I are all for creating memories over gifts for Christmas for our boys. We used to go to Disneyland about every other year, I have family in Southern California so we love to get to visit them as well!

A few things about this trip before I start

  • We normally don’t book this last min… well try not to!
  • Our kids are all boys and 14, 12 and 10
    This isn’t their first time at Disney

We booked for December, if you haven’t been to Disneyland when its decorated for Christmas you need to put this on your list! Disneyland is magical as it is, so adding the magic of Christmas makes it so amazing!

We are a family of 5, so have outgrown the typical standard hotel room. We always find a hotel that is

  • Within walking distance to Disney
  • Has a full free breakfast- saves sooo much money
  • A good pool 🙂

We ended up booking this hotel Marriott Residence Inn at Anaheim Resort/Convention Center and were so impressed! We did have a rental car for two days and parking is pricey if you plan on having a car ($27.60/day). The Full breakfast was perfect for all of us- mickey waffles for the kids, fruit, cereal, eggs, healthy options, GOOD coffee (perfect to take to go for walk to Disney!), protein too! Look at this set up

The thing I loved about the pool was the big hot tub! I don’t know about you but normally I’m grossed out by being skin to skin with random people in a dirty hot tub… this one was huge AND clean!! Win win! Plus check out these couches and fire pits too! We could chill in the hot tub while the kids played in the pool or splash area

For flights to Disney we always fly into John Wayne Airport (SNA). I think this is the easiest airport in Southern California. We always use Delta for flights because we earn miles on our Amex cards, if you haven’t looked into this you totally should! Earning miles for work trips adds up for free flights for family trips!

The best way we have found to get tickets is from Get Away Today. Depending on the deal they are offering you can bundle your hotel with them too. This is the only way we have bought our tickets for all the years we have been taking the kids. This trip we choose the 3 day park hopper ticket, basically you can go back and forth between Disneyland and California adventure as much as you want for those 3 days. We love this option because sometimes you get into the park and lines are long or rides are down at one but not the other. We do try to not hop back and forth more then once or twice a day just to save time. I love Disneyland because you don’t have to drive somewhere else to get to the other park, Disney world is way different in that aspect. If you are making a whole entire Southern California vacation I’d suggest getting the CityPass, there are lots of options tp combine destinations into one cost right here We didn’t purchase MaxPass simply because lines weren’t super long, going during the week helps! I did order these super cute Mickey and Minnie hats for photos one day so I got MaxPass that day, you get all the downloads from professional pics at Disney with this! Plus you can add it through the app day of too! If you do end up going to LegoLand, be sure to stay at their hotel… its amazing!! And Carlsbad is a really neat beach town too LegoLand Hotel

Since this wasn’t our first time going we din’t do a character breakfast, if you are going for the first time I highly suggest booking one of these in advance. Lots of fun for kids to see the characters and get autographs. We have done Disneys PCH Grill, Goofeys Kitchen and Plaza Inn options- remember we only have boys, lots of others girly options too! Book them for early so you don’t interfere with time at the park Book Character Dining. You can also book World of Color on that link. We did it one year but after a full day of rides our kids were exhausted and didn’t enjoy it since it is later at night.

Parades!! You HAVE to watch the parade. It’s amazing and one of my favorite things to do! If you are going for multiple days here is a tip. Watch the parade one day (usually at 3pm and 6pm), then while the parade is going the rides aren’t as busy…. go get in line for the favorite ride then!

Downtown Disney was a bit of a disappointment to us this year. Don’t get me wrong, its still amazing, just not what we remembered. In the past Downton Disney was a great place for kids to get souvenirs, families to get a meal and live entertainment. Last time we were there they had a Build a Bear, Place to make custom cars, Ice skating, ESPN zone, shopping and restaurants. This year all those places have been replaced with a vibe towards the young adults going to Disney for nightlife. Totally ok, just not what we remembered. We didn’t spend much time there, but looks like there are lots more restaurants now. For the first time ever, I know crazy right, we left Disney for dinner one night. We always had been troopers, there by 8am and last one didn’t leave til midnight. But we are old, haha! We went across the street and there are lots of restaurants to choose from. Perfect if you need a “real meal” with a waitress and all! And saves $ too!!

I hope these tips are helpful if you are planning on taking a family vacation to Disneyland in the near future, feel free to email me if you have questions! Here are a few fun photos from our December trip. Xoxo Lisa

Bittersweet goodbye

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this week was hard.. I’ve had a lot of big decisions heavy on my heart and made the announcement Monday that I was closing one chapter of my life.

Almost 7 years ago my husband was juggling running a business out of state and his business here. I was working in the salon and taking care of the boys and longing for something with a community. Something girly. I remember calling my husband and pitching the idea of an online boutique. Fast forward 7 years and Twisted Bliss Boutique went from an online boutique, to storefront, to online and now closing end of 2019.

Owning a business is HARD WORK. I don’t think a lot of people understand that. Along with the work comes lots of hours invested of your time, for free. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED what I did. Sometimes in life your priorities switch and a light bulb clicks. Why was I working soooo hard and only profiting a slim slim percentage of what I did in my other job? It’s not all about money, but let’s be real… there are always bills to pay and mouths to feed!

Then came my health. And watching one of my best friends have her husbands life flash before her eyes and her life change. Bottom line, life is short. And you are never promised tomorrow. My oldest son has 4 years left at home. I don’t want him to remember his last years at home with his mom constantly stressed juggling too much. Oddly enough one of my “resolutions” for 2019 was to say no more. Well better late then never right?!?

I have be blessed with an amazing long term residual business and shares of a soon to be multi billion dollar company. Literally have that sitting in my lap. Why am I spreading myself too thing juggling all the things?? Hello Lisa!! Focus! Sooo I did!! Time to get over what’s holding me back and put all my effort into this! Just think, I earned my family a paid for brand new fancy suv and hit the top 2% of the company WHILE I was juggling 3 businesses and sicker then sick. Yes you read that right. A little effort can go a LONG ways!

So here I am… new me, doing this 100%. I know who supports me, I know my place with others and I know who I want to join me. I’ve been so blessed to find a community of amazing women from this business. Rekindle past relationships and build new ones. I know so many of you are wanting a squad just like I was. I’m here to tell you it does exist. And life is way too short to second guess yourself 😘

Xoxo Lisa

The heal is really real

This is something I’ve been embarrassed and ashamed to share. But if it wasn’t for others being brave, I wouldn’t be where I am right now. And when lululemon decides to join voicing this, its a sign!

So here goes, it’s been weighing on my chest, literally, to share and advocate for this. Even if I can help one person go through this, I want to be there to help

I feel like all my blogs have been about my health journey, sorry friends! I swear I have way more fun stuff to blog about! 🤣 as you know from my last blog post I was put on Humira for yet another autoimmune disease, I think I was up to around 5 diagnosed autoimmune diseases along with a bucket full of other symptoms that were undiagnosed. Honestly it’s probably a good thing I don’t know the exact total we spent on all the different drs, blood tests and meds. Let’s just say self employed insurance doesn’t cover anything 😬

So let’s back up before Humira and be completely honest and venerable for the rest of this. If you want to judge then I suggest leaving this blog right now, buh bye. 👋

When I was 25, after I had 3 boys in 5 or so years, nursed all 3 for almost a year each… my boobs didn’t look so hot 🤷🏼‍♀️. I was so excited to get to get a pair of fake boobs and all would be good in the world again. Little did I know this was going to be the beginning to a lot of horrible things in the 10 years to come.

I went with saline implants from a recommended plastic surgeon in Montana. I was very thin and after time they began to hurt. The next Dr I went to when I was 33 told me it was most likely the seam of the implant rubbing on my rib cage wall. Didn’t phase me then but now that makes me cringe. Since it’s recommended to replace your implants every 10 years or so we decided to replace them with another plastic surgeon in Montana. We decided on textured silicone implants. Spent a lot of time with the dr deciding this was the right choice. I can’t even tell you how many times either the dr or us said textured silicone implants or how many papers it was wrote down on for my treatment plan. (Turns our this dr put the wrong implants in me. Blessing in disguise) The dr did mention because she said she legally had to, the very small never going to happen chance of this type of implant causing cancer. We felt confident it was a fluke thing and the risk wasn’t legit. So we went ahead with surgery. I still remember that week. It was the week we drove to Idaho to pick up my first Cadillac that we had earned from our company, my oldest had a baseball tournament 3 hrs from home too. It was a crazy weekend but that’s how we live. I felt great the whole time.

I’m not sure exactly when it all started to go downhill. I remember always feeling off. Like a weird sickness that I didn’t know what it was. Brian would always tell me to go to the dr but I didn’t know what I would say when I got there. It was a weird feeling to describe. Over the course of 2 years I got increasingly sick. I went to more drs then I can remember trying to get help. I tried it all. Yep no gluten/sugar/eggs/dairy and the celery juice. Works for some but didn’t for me. I had also packed on 30lbs. I have always been blessed with a good metabolism which helped with my crappy eating habits. Adding 30lbs made me super uncomfortable. Let’s just say owning an online boutique and being the face of all the clothing hasn’t been fun. I had tried it all. Intermittent fasting, macro counting, reverse dieting, heavy lifting, lots of cardio. Anything and everything. I’ve had trainers who have felt for me and trainers who thought I was a lazy blob.

Sadly I had zero energy during all this as well. I was lucky to loose 4lbs max. And this was over a 12 week program multiple times. Nothing was working.

Everything hurt, I was crabby, emotional wreck, chronically exhausted and constantly felt like crap. I wasn’t the wife I had promised to be or the mother my children deserved.

I had heard about Breast Implant Illness somewhere in these past 2 years. I didn’t believe it. I thought it was a fad or a trend. I had joined a very large Facebook group of women claiming to have this. But I didn’t want to believe them so I left the group.

After my blog on Humira I received numerous messages from close family and friends, to friends of a friend. I’ve never publicly told the world I had implants so a lot of these people reaching out to me didn’t know. They were concerned that if I did, that I could be suffering from Breast Implant Illness. I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate them reaching out to me. But life was busy then… getting kids back in school, 2 in football, getting ready for annual conference for work…You know how it is. So I went to Ohio, which apparently was risky on Humira- some weird soil thing. I knew my immune system was compromised from the drug and I was so scared to get sick there. I love my job and I didn’t want to miss a minute of the excitement or let my team down. I made it through the trip but getting home was another story.

I always take my kids to school, ALWAYS. Well up til now. I couldn’t get out of bed, I couldn’t stay awake, and as scary as this is I was falling into a scary depression. I have never dealt with having depression, never. The week after Ohio scared me. It scared my husband. It scared our families. I was at my breaking point. I didn’t know what to do. I had gone to urgent care the day I got home. I knew something had flared up. Negative for strep and mono, positive for ear infection. I knew there was more. I called my primary Monday am. I said I think my EBV numbers are up can I get my blood drawn. They had me come in right away. What’s crazy is that was my first diagnosis… Epstein-Barr virus 2 years ago. It’s something you have from having mono as a kid that lives in your body. Most people don’t have these horrible flare ups though. It just hangs out and doesn’t do anything. My numbers were 326. High numbers are 28.

The dr wanted to put me on an anti viral, I couldn’t take my Humira if I was sick. Freaking mess. I was sick of being sick. Sick of taking meds.

So i decided to look more into BII.

It was crazy. So many women in this group had the same diagnoses as me, so many were just like me. The real crazy thing, the women who had their implants removed were healthy again. A friend of a friend recognized my name on the page when I was posting my sob story. She reached out to me. She had her explant in the spring and had got her life back 🙏🏼 she has been an angel to me in helping me navigate this all. There are so many drs, some believe some don’t, some remove the capsule and some don’t. Some do other procedures to help you gain back your confidence, some don’t. My angel in disguise recommended her dr. He was one of the best of the best. And he did the little extra to make you feel beautiful 😉. Most of these drs are months if not years out. And the price is ridiculous. I emailed on a Friday for an online consult. The dr emailed me back personally on Sunday night (what dr emails a potential patient on a Sunday?!?) he said it looked like I had capsule contractor and he believed in BII and could help me. He sent his quote over as well. My wonderful husband said I don’t care the cost. If it makes you healthy and you again you can put a price on that 😭

So I emailed the office Monday am to see when the soonest opening would be. She said she actually just had a cancellation and asked if I could come next Thursday 😳. This is where it’s all kinda a blur. We took the appointment. Booked a flight from Montana to Dallas. Thank you delta skymiles. Called grandmas, got help for the kids, got a hotel. And the hardest part. Telling your 10,11 and 13 year old boys what was going on. They didn’t know I had implants. I now had to explain to them why I had them, what they were, and why I had to have surgery. It’s been a rollercoaster to say the least.

I didn’t meet my dr til the day before surgery and I have zero regrets in my decisions with a dr or with the surgeries I had performed. Just like I’m over taking meds, I’m over surgeries for my boobs. So I choose the go big or go home route with a little fat recycling as I like to call it 😉. 3 surgeries at once meant a harder recovery as well. But I felt the best I’ve felt in 2 years after those three surgeries. I was bruised and stitched and felt freakin amazing. I know it’s hard for people to understand how quickly you can heal from this. I didn’t think it would happen. The whole time I was so scared that if we spent all this money I’d still be sick. That’s actually why I’ve waited two weeks to share this. Well I’ve waited because initially was embarrassed and ashamed but also wanted to really see if this was the cure…. it is.

It brings the biggest smile to my face along with lots of tears every time my husband looks at me and tells me I look so much better, you have a gleam in your eyes, you look happy again….


I know I’m not out of the woods yet, still 4 weeks of recovery to go and I’m trying to rest as much as I can. The body is an amazing thing. Some bodies don’t have the issues I did with implants or foreign objects in them. Mine obviously was totally against silicone implants 🤷🏼‍♀️. I’m proud of myself for all I’ve been through. I’ve had days where I’m scared to death. I’m so thankful for my husband and kids. I wouldn’t be here without them. Our whole support system has been truly amazing. I’m not sharing this for myself at all. I’m sharing this in hopes that someone else who is suffering like I was will see the hope and be brave.

Xoxo Lisa

#boobtruth #metoo #bii #thehealisreal

The Reality of the Giant Box..

I’ve been putting off sharing this for well, months. I guess to me sharing this with the world makes it more official then the injections, weird I know! So here goes it…

Most people know me as someone who is always happy… But I want to be real with you. Social Media is probably how most of you know me. With my career I get to meet lots of new faces on instagram and facebook and I love that, but social media is my highlight reel. I try to be positive and keep the hurt and sadness to myself. Ask anyone, that is how I always am. I build a pretty big wall around my emotions and rarely let people in. Which again is why this is weird, BUT I feel like I need to share this, especially before I head to Ohio for my company’s convention. Thats been my biggest fear, how will I feel while I’m at the biggest event thus far in my career? Will I be too exhausted and in too much pain to enjoy it? Fear for sure..

Lets back it up a bit…. Over 2 years ago I began the whirlwind journey of trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I always felt sick. Like a sick you couldn’t figure out what it was. I brushed it under the rug because I was busy. Keeping busy keeps my worries away 🙂 When it finally got to the point of struggling to walk standing straight from my bed to the bathroom I knew it was time to try to figure it out. I felt like I was 90 years old.

I went to all the Dr.’s, like all of them. Naturopathic, General Dr, Endocrinologist, another Naturopathic, and back to my general Dr. The one who did blood test after blood test to find out what was wrong. So during my journey of Dr.’s I have been diagnosed with quite the laundry list: Epstein Bar Syndrome, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Hoshimotos Disease, Goiter, Adrenal Gland Depletion. I’ve been on different meds, had my blood drawn on the regular, had ultrasounds on my neck…. I did it all, and I didn’t get any relief. So I did what I probably shouldn’t of done, I quit taking all the meds. I did this for a while and it was ok, then got worse.

Throughout all these years and Dr.’s I had a weird rash on my hand, right by my ring finger. One Dr. told me I was allergic to my ring…. so I went in got it re coated and bonded together. At this point I couldn’t even wear it. Not only have I gained 25lbs, but my fingers would always swell instantly. But then it got worse. I think my realization point was this rash moving to under my eyes and seeing a Humira commercial on TV . It Scared me. After all these years this could be it, I called my Dr. the next day and made an appointment. Sadly, my Dr knew this is what is was when I went in. At this point my weird rash was also on my neck, under my eyes, eyelids, in my nose, on one foot and one hand. Is it just me or did this escalate quickly?!?

1st Dr appointment for this meant trying everything else before submitting application to Humira. If you aren’t familiar with Humira, don’t watch the commercial. The side effects are HORRIBLE. For some odd reason its the only commercial Kalispell local TV plays! So Steroid shot, lots of different creams and a power dose of prednisone. And relief!!! Well for a quick minute, then it was back. And I was back at the Dr. And then came the news. We’ve tried everything and I really didn’t want it to be this but it is.. You are 35 and you have Psoriatic Arthritis. Wow. So in true Lisa fashion I held it together til I got to the car. That poor Escalade has seen way too many tears!

Psoriatic Arthritis. It sucks. I know there are way way worse diseases people have but I don’t wish this upon anyone else. For one, there is no way I could be doing hair or lashes with my hands like this. My hands don’t work. My hand looks like strips of boiled pork sausage thats been cooked too long in the microwave. You know when it bursts and burns in the microwave? Yep thats what my hands look like, I’ll spare you the photos! Friends, always always have a Plan B! I’m not saying you need to join me at what I do, although I’d love that!! But find SOMETHING to have just in case. I’m forever grateful I did.

So now comes the unknown LONG process of getting approved. I honestly had no idea so many different people were involved for one prescription. I have my Dr.s office, My personal Humira Nurse Ambassador, Abbvie (amazing company to help with the cost). Let me just say trying to get all the info to all the right places was hard. I went to Costco on July 3 to fill my prescription. I knew it was expensive, we are self employed and have crap insurance, and you aren’t allowed to get new insurance until a certain time of the year (dumb). Lets just say I didn’t get my Prescription filled and delivered til mid August. Each injection runs around $6,000. My first day I had $12,000 of meds put in me. Thank god Abbvie is covering the costs of this! I seriously can’t believe the cost of our health care!!

I had the medication delivered to the lake property. Well lets face it you didn’t see a lot of me this summer. I felt ashamed of being sick and embarrassed of how I looked.. well still am. How am I constantly being diagnosed with another autoimmune disease? I’m 35. This isn’t right. Did I do something to myself to cause this? Yep that goes through my head ALL THE TIME. Once the big box arrived I got super hesitant to start the meds. I had joined a lot of Facebook groups for PSA and Humira. The people in these groups were miserable. They talked about all the effects the drug had on them. You aren’t just fighting the joints and skin, you are fighting much much more. The exhaustion, the joint pain, the itching, the depression, the guilt, the aniexty of the next injection or flare up, the reality this is what your life is, the constant getting sick because of the havoc this drug does on your body. I told myself I’d try this for the rest of 2019 and see if it helps. If not, plan B.

I’m so lucky to have an amazing Mother/Daughter Duo of close friends at the Lake, ones a nurse and one is a cancer survivor who had daily injections. They were a lifesaver. They did my first injections and the second injections. I’m so grateful for them! The last injection I had a home health nurse sent out from Humira to educated me. These injecitons are bi weekly, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do one myself, it hurts like hell and I’d probably pull it out!

If you have made it this far, good job!! This is a lot of rambling and tears and I’m proud of you! No wonder my insta posts are so much shorter, its a highlight! As of right now I’m not sure if this is working to make things better. I haven’t had a really bad flare up in almost 2 weeks. I’m beyond scared that flying and traveling this week is going to make it bad. The last flare up started on the kids first day of school…. I hung out in bed alllll day long. Not the life you expect for sure. I’m so thankful for all advice, love, tips and overall caring support from those of you who know what is going on. I truly appreciate it. I’m not sharing this as a pity me thing, I do not want that. All I want is you to know why sometimes I’m not myself, why I look like hell, why I’d rather be in bed then going out. Autoimmune diseases are real and they effect everyone differently for sure. I’ve heard lots of success stories from people doing vegan or the Auto Immune Diet, or Plant Paradox… so happy for you guys! As of right now, putting this medicine into my body scares me to death. I want to give it a chance without changing other stuff to see if it does anything. If it doesn’t make the cut, I’m done with the drug and plan B.

Bottom Line, Take care of your body, you only get one

xoxo lisa

Freakin Thyroid..

Yep I said it! And I know I’m not alone! I’ve been to countless Dr’s and Natural-paths and although I found small bits and pieces of hope along the way, nothing helped.

I was told I had HYPERthryoid and Graves disease (even though I went in because I was gaining weight left and right and had ZERO energy..hmm google told me different but I trusted the Dr not google! I was put on a prescription and was hopeful this was it! This was the magic answer I had been searching for!

Well…. that was a big no. No relief in fatigue, weight gain, constant shaking, swollen throat, quality of life.. Completely bummed and discouraged to say the least.

One of my salon clients recommended I try a Dr she was seeing in another town. I was desperate and made an appointment right away. This Dr. informed me that because of the medication the 1st Dr. had prescribed I had developed a Goiter. Ummm what the heck is that? So turns out I was now blessed with all the symptoms from before, plus a Goiter and Hashimotos Disease!! Fun stuff!! With this new Dr came new meds, routine ultrasounds on my Goiter (check for growth and cancer), extremely strict nutrition change (hello Paleo!). But overall still no improvement. So I naturally did not the smartest thing… I quit. Yep you read that right! I quit taking all my meds cold turkey, quit going to my multiple monthly blood draws and appointments out of town. I ordered myself a weighted blanket and quit!

And I’m so glad I did! I have more energy, sleeping better, loosing weight!! And that lovely goiter- I can barely feel it! Literally no idea how I lucked out but I did. I have enough energy to get back to daily workouts, I am just finishing up a 6 week program, here is more info-

Intermediate Fasting (IF) is a proven trend in weight loss and FWTFL uses this method. Since I do have random thyroid condition I usually modify, which is totally ok with this program! I’m not going to lie, I didn’t get all my workouts in while I was in Nashville for work last week, and I might of indulged in some beverages while touring the Honky Tonks, haha! Oh well, thats the perk, you can always jump back in! Track your macros ( I use the My Fitness Pal app), drink lots of water, lift heavy!

I hope some of these experiences and tips helped you out, but I wanted to share this crazy before and after, 10 months apart and over 17lbs gone since April 2018..

10 months, 17 lbs

My #boutiqueboss snapshot

Happy Monday!!

I wanted to share a little bit about my life as a #boutiqueboss with you.  About five and a half years ago my husband was running a second business in the oilfield in North Dakota back when it was booming and I was home with our 3 boys.  I’m literally the only girl in this household, well other then our dogs, and I’m super girly!!  I was already working at the salon but wanted something more to fulfill my need for girly!  I called my hubby up, or probably just texted him, and pitched my idea of opening an online boutique to him…. to my surprise he was all for it and told me to figure out what I needed to do and go talk to the bank to get a business loan!  I was shocked! And surprisingly this process went super smooth!!

This was before the trend of everyone and their brother opening a boutique too, so this meant I put the blood sweat and tears into researching HOW to actually make this idea a reality.  We started with a Facebook page, then came a website as I gradually took over my husbands loft in the shop for our storage, racks and photo area.  Local ladies started wanting to come over to try things on which was awesome but we were outgrowing our little space…. and my husband didn’t like how us girls kept turning the heat up in his shop! 😉  So he graciously offered to build a separate building for Twisted Bliss Boutique  as a showroom where we could have limited hours by our house.  I loved my cute little red building!! This was great for a couple of years but it is right next to our house so not ideal to have people driving in your driveway all the time, plus the boys were ALL going to be in school for the first time…. so we decided yet again to make another transition…. this time to our own downtown storefront with the addition of a salon suite for me.  I loved having a storefront and being able to decorate my windows and participate in the events downtown had to offer!  We actually ended up having two different locations  downtown in the end, just moved to a bigger location in the end.

But of course life hands out challenges and obstacles on a daily basis and my life certainly isn’t an exception.  This past June I closed the doors to my storefront as well as retired from behind the chair.  This was definitely a hard decision at the time, but the right decision.  My health had been dealt a few crappy hands and I needed to put my health and my wellbeing  first for once.  Our plan was to go strictly online for Twisted Bliss Boutique  and for me to also run my Shampoo Business full time (also online).  I kept one employee and really thought things would slow down a bit….. that makes me giggle now!! Surprisingly we are busier then before with now being online only, turns out everyone else is just like me and likes to shop from their phone and have things magically arrive with free shipping and have it seem like Christmas in your mailbox!  Seriously so amazing!!

So here we are, back in our cute red building, but as a warehouse only… best of both worlds for me! I get to work from home, be present in my boys activities, hang out with my dogs while I work, and even work from my couch with my weighted blanket, which I love- order yours here

Thats a quick in a nutshell blurb of the journey of getting my boutique to where it is today, I love where it is, its exactly what I need it to be.  IMG_5675.JPG

Day 1 as an official Blogger

Well hello there! Here we go, official 1st blog post right here!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to come on over to my blog and check it out! I’m excited to have this platform to share bits and pieces of my life with you through blogging.  This is all a new avenue for me, so lets hope this goes well!

A few things about me…. I’m 100% real, with a chance of a filter added 😉 My family is EVERYTHING, my boys are my best friends and I’m lucky enough to get to work from home or wherever we go to ensure I don’t miss a moment with them.  Currently I’m a online boutique owner, luxury hair product rep and dabbling into the world of social media influencing. I honestly love what I do and grateful that it never seems like work.

I have so much to share with all of you – from everyday adventures, to my health, to my past and of course my future.  I can’t wait to see where this journey leads me!


Photo taken at our favorite summer destination, Lake 5 Resort in West Glacier Montana