My #boutiqueboss snapshot

Happy Monday!!

I wanted to share a little bit about my life as a #boutiqueboss with you.  About five and a half years ago my husband was running a second business in the oilfield in North Dakota back when it was booming and I was home with our 3 boys.  I’m literally the only girl in this household, well other then our dogs, and I’m super girly!!  I was already working at the salon but wanted something more to fulfill my need for girly!  I called my hubby up, or probably just texted him, and pitched my idea of opening an online boutique to him…. to my surprise he was all for it and told me to figure out what I needed to do and go talk to the bank to get a business loan!  I was shocked! And surprisingly this process went super smooth!!

This was before the trend of everyone and their brother opening a boutique too, so this meant I put the blood sweat and tears into researching HOW to actually make this idea a reality.  We started with a Facebook page, then came a website as I gradually took over my husbands loft in the shop for our storage, racks and photo area.  Local ladies started wanting to come over to try things on which was awesome but we were outgrowing our little space…. and my husband didn’t like how us girls kept turning the heat up in his shop! 😉  So he graciously offered to build a separate building for Twisted Bliss Boutique  as a showroom where we could have limited hours by our house.  I loved my cute little red building!! This was great for a couple of years but it is right next to our house so not ideal to have people driving in your driveway all the time, plus the boys were ALL going to be in school for the first time…. so we decided yet again to make another transition…. this time to our own downtown storefront with the addition of a salon suite for me.  I loved having a storefront and being able to decorate my windows and participate in the events downtown had to offer!  We actually ended up having two different locations  downtown in the end, just moved to a bigger location in the end.

But of course life hands out challenges and obstacles on a daily basis and my life certainly isn’t an exception.  This past June I closed the doors to my storefront as well as retired from behind the chair.  This was definitely a hard decision at the time, but the right decision.  My health had been dealt a few crappy hands and I needed to put my health and my wellbeing  first for once.  Our plan was to go strictly online for Twisted Bliss Boutique  and for me to also run my Shampoo Business full time (also online).  I kept one employee and really thought things would slow down a bit….. that makes me giggle now!! Surprisingly we are busier then before with now being online only, turns out everyone else is just like me and likes to shop from their phone and have things magically arrive with free shipping and have it seem like Christmas in your mailbox!  Seriously so amazing!!

So here we are, back in our cute red building, but as a warehouse only… best of both worlds for me! I get to work from home, be present in my boys activities, hang out with my dogs while I work, and even work from my couch with my weighted blanket, which I love- order yours here

Thats a quick in a nutshell blurb of the journey of getting my boutique to where it is today, I love where it is, its exactly what I need it to be.  IMG_5675.JPG

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