That Healthy Lifestyle

Well hello there! It’s been awhile- sorry!!

My amazing company is full of anti aging goodies- haircare, skincare and now WELLNESS… I’m obsessed to say the least!! I have always “tried” to add in healthy things to my diets, but lets be real, it’s all about balance for me! I have a total sweet tooth!!

This summer I switched up my workouts to a new company and absolutely love it! ( use my discount code LISA10 if you are interested!) There is also a nutrition plan with these programs, but again balance- lol! When Monat launched Wellness I decided to buckle down on those macros too! I’ll be sharing recipes and healthy tips on this page if you want to check it out We are going to be running a 30 day challenge for accountability with steps, water and supplements starting Oct 25 too!

Curious about these bomb products??? I can’t wait to tell you all about them!!!! Lets start with the one that I am most excited to see what it can do for me…

Balance– This product blows my mind!! Its a unique Pre + Probiotic complex in one that addresses gut health and overall well being…. AHHHMAZING!! The little capsule is so pretty and has a unique delayed release, capsule-in-capsule technology- look! Another amazing perk is this product is vegan and doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It is stuffed with Ginger, Turmeric and Licorice Root Powder to boost good bacteria in the gut and support a healthy skin and immune system. It also has a synergistic pre and pro supplement that provides 5 billion units of 13 clinically studied strains of beneficial bacteria and prebiotic fiber…. WOW.

Energy– I love my coffee and will never replace it, but that 3pm slug feeling always hits and this little packet gives me just the right amount of boost without the crash or jitters. It’s made of an Adaptogenic blend that helps the body adapt to stressors (can you say just what we need for 2020?!) It increases energy + promotes mood, mental alertness + focus. Super yummy berry flavor that is sugar free too!! Made from green coffee beans with 50mg of caffeine. Full of Vitamin B12 and ashwagandha and supports proper red blood cell formulation + neurological function. I love how these come in pre packaged little sticks too! great to travel with.

Total Greens– Who here has been scared of greens?? ME!!! Seriously the thought of them used to make me want to gag!! I don’t get enough veggies in my diet for sure, and these have a berry flavor so I decided to give it a go! Honest opinion? They are way better then any other greens I’ve tried, I prefer to mix them into my protein shake, but you can mix with water alone or water and another one of our products too.

One scoop has a proprietary blend of 37 fruit and veggies….. wow. Majority of us don’t want to spend the money or cook that many veggies in a day! I’ll take a scoop!!

These contain an oat fiber which is gluten free, it doesn’t provide calories or significant nutrients but its great for absorbing water. Goji is an antioxidant powerhouse for eye health, healthy skin, improves mood and boosts the immune system too! Papaya supplies fiber vitamins and minerals for the bones and skin and aids in digestion. Also contains matcha green tea! So many great things in just one scoop!!

Collagen Key– I can’t forget to talk about this!! This isn’t a collagen, but its a vegan amino acid blend that maintains existing collagen levels and replaces lost collagen stores- kinda like biohacking your own collagen! Collagen helps with healthy hair, skin, nails, skin moisture, elasticity, smoothness and joints!

This blend is vegan, sugar free, full of antioxidants with vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, resveratrol + biotin in a peach berry flavor! The Collagen Key works like glue to hold muscles and tendons together, amazing what a little scoop can do! It’s great alone with water or mixed into a fruit smoothie!

There you have it!! These are my new BFF’s for sure!! All I need now is body wash from Monat and its my one stop shop!! if you are curious in these products dm me or check out my website too

I have made a couple IG Reels with how i’m mixing these up, check out the gram! One question I keep getting is about my cute little mixer!! I’ll drop my amazon link for it and you can get it in tons of different colors too! I have the teal one!

Another great option if you are on the go mixing these with water is a simple blender bottle! I’m totally guilty of mixing into a bottle of water and shaking it, trust me get a blender bottle instead! How cute are these ones?!?

And my favorite for mixin up a good protein shake is always the blender! here is my fav and its on sale!

I’m going to be more consistent here- promise!! Until next time-

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