Bittersweet goodbye

I’d be lying if I didn’t say this week was hard.. I’ve had a lot of big decisions heavy on my heart and made the announcement Monday that I was closing one chapter of my life.

Almost 7 years ago my husband was juggling running a business out of state and his business here. I was working in the salon and taking care of the boys and longing for something with a community. Something girly. I remember calling my husband and pitching the idea of an online boutique. Fast forward 7 years and Twisted Bliss Boutique went from an online boutique, to storefront, to online and now closing end of 2019.

Owning a business is HARD WORK. I don’t think a lot of people understand that. Along with the work comes lots of hours invested of your time, for free. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED what I did. Sometimes in life your priorities switch and a light bulb clicks. Why was I working soooo hard and only profiting a slim slim percentage of what I did in my other job? It’s not all about money, but let’s be real… there are always bills to pay and mouths to feed!

Then came my health. And watching one of my best friends have her husbands life flash before her eyes and her life change. Bottom line, life is short. And you are never promised tomorrow. My oldest son has 4 years left at home. I don’t want him to remember his last years at home with his mom constantly stressed juggling too much. Oddly enough one of my “resolutions” for 2019 was to say no more. Well better late then never right?!?

I have be blessed with an amazing long term residual business and shares of a soon to be multi billion dollar company. Literally have that sitting in my lap. Why am I spreading myself too thing juggling all the things?? Hello Lisa!! Focus! Sooo I did!! Time to get over what’s holding me back and put all my effort into this! Just think, I earned my family a paid for brand new fancy suv and hit the top 2% of the company WHILE I was juggling 3 businesses and sicker then sick. Yes you read that right. A little effort can go a LONG ways!

So here I am… new me, doing this 100%. I know who supports me, I know my place with others and I know who I want to join me. I’ve been so blessed to find a community of amazing women from this business. Rekindle past relationships and build new ones. I know so many of you are wanting a squad just like I was. I’m here to tell you it does exist. And life is way too short to second guess yourself 😘

Xoxo Lisa

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